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This is the pride and joy of Mamelodi, Pretoria. If you are talking about quality entertainment in Pretoria, Jack Budha instantly comes to mind. Such a landmark of the city it has become. Offering unique entertainment since 2004, Jack Budha has become a brand to be reckoned with.

Jack Budha, the name and the brand – "Jack" is slang when greeting a friend, the friend would then reply with "Budha" as an acknowledgement and greeting one back. These two put together form Jack Budha, something everyone can identify with, where friends meet.
Jack Budha opened its doors on the 24th of January 2004, due to demand for a decent sports bar and restaurant in Pretoria. This led to the conception of Jack Budha, a place whose reputation is synonymous with quality entertainment.

A premier venue which caters to both the young and mature alike, consisting of an outdoor chill area, which boasts the hosting of popular events by the house industry's finest, an indoor seating area to rock to the DJ's beats and a lounge room for that exclusive and relaxing atmosphere.

Soon after opening its doors, the venue evolved into a wholesome lifestyle venue catering for a diverse clientele and a range of moods with easy-going adaptation from a sports pub and restaurant to an all-night party experience venue with a natural sense, encompassing RnB and Soul; Sports, with Hip Hop and the ever so popular House Party evenings. This consistent evolution has proven to be the trade secret which has kept this venue relevant and in sync with the party crowds.



In 2004 we set out to create a class leading venue that will hold its own when pinned against the best of the best. Over the years the brand Jack Budha has grown stronger and stronger and now we are at the tip of the tongue of anyone looking for entertainment in Pretoria. It has been through the constant metamorphosis of our establishment that we have managed to stay relevant for so long and to keep ahead of the rest.


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